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Why is HealthTrust and AdvantageTrust® better than any other GPO out there?

The program that HealthTrust has established includes exclusive and committed participation from its members. This means suppliers can expect to gain market share when they are able to provide HealthTrust with the most competitive pricing. This approach provides increased volume to suppliers that are willing to provide the greatest savings. It is a model that is recognized as the most competitive among suppliers and healthcare facilities alike.

Who is eligible to join the program?

This program is available to all member practices of SOHO HEALTH. However, when an organization joins AdvantageTrust®, they agree that membership in our program is exclusive and prohibits them from participating in similar programs offered by other group purchasing organizations.

How do we know the agreements we can access through AdvantageTrust® provide better pricing than we are already getting?

Without some detailed analyses, the EXACT amount of savings is difficult to identify. Over the years, we have completed numerous analyses comparing members old pricing to pricing under AdvantageTrust® contracts and on average, aggregate savings on these analyses was 22 percent.

Why are commitment and compliance required to participate?

All GPOs are not created equal. Our committed purchasing model drives a superior value over voluntary GPOs. The foundation of our success is member alignment around two key principles: 1. Product evaluation and contract awards and 2. Contract adoption (compliance).

I think I can do this myself. What are the benefits of using a GPO?

Most members have negotiated local contracts in the past, but when they’ve done this, they only have their volume to offer the supplier. AdvantageTrust is a group of purchasing professionals with the market intelligence and national experience to negotiate the best pricing available.

What if a supplier I currently use is not on your list of contracted suppliers?

The key to success for GPOs and their members in obtaining savings is the leverage of their combined purchasing volume. This is done through a bid/proposal process and includes numerous components, including questionnaires, price sheets, product evaluations (as needed) and additional negotiations before a contract is awarded. Therefore, not all suppliers are awarded contracts. If your current supplier is not listed, it sometimes means it did not receive a contract award for reasons such as proposed pricing or ability to distribute nationwide.

How do I know what discounts with which companies are available to my organization?

Once your membership has been processed, you will receive an email and link to our purchasing point portal. The portal presents those companies that we have agreements with and information on how to access the discounts. Generally, our contracts will cover about 80 percent of your supply purchases. Our contracted suppliers may not always be a match to the company you are currently using, but as a result of a rigorous bid, analysis and negotiation process, we have determined the best value and supplier for the category under contract.

If you have any questions regarding the enrollment, please contact Kathy Strauch at 860.714.1245 or KStrauch@stfranciscare.org.