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SOHO HEALTH has a long history of successful collaboration with health plans that has resulted in contractual relationships achieving mutual objectives. A key to our success is the work of SOHO HEALTH Contract Committee, comprised of both physician and hospital representation, which is responsible for reviewing contract renewals and new opportunities and providing input and feedback that is incorporated into our overall contracting strategy and specific contract negotiations. The Committee’s scope of work is comprised of both financial and non-rate terms, including health plan administrative policies and procedures and clinical guidelines.

We recognize that the industry is undergoing significant change and that the relationships between provider organizations and health plans must evolve from traditional fee for service arrangements to arrangements that are patient focused and offer the incentives and support necessary for our providers to achieve better health outcomes at affordable costs. As a clinically integrated network with a deeply rooted mission to serve our community we are well positioned to continue being a leader in innovative payment models and value-based care.

Our work isn’t finished once a contract is executed. For example, the SOHO HEALTH Contracting team is uniquely structured and qualified to address and resolve the managed care related challenges facing our members. Often this work requires a lot of time and persistence, both of which are better spent in the practices and our facilities on patient care. Therefore, we serve as an effective escalation point for issues that cannot be resolved easily by member staff.

As our relationships with health plans become more complex the contracting team will work with other SOHO HEALTH departments to ensure that our members are well informed and well supported regarding their obligations under our contracts, and well respected as high quality and dedicated care givers by our payors.