Introduction to OutFont Health Informational Webinar July 26, 2018

When: Thursday July 26, 2018,  7:30 am
Where: Webinar

Saint Francis Healthcare Partners announced our partnership with OutFront Health, a healthcare benefits platform created by Cobbs Allen and Cigna.

OutFront Heath is changing the experience surrounding health insurance, making it affordable and accessible through simple and straightforward means.

SFHCP will host three webinars to discuss the benefits OutFront Health can provide to your practice.

Thurs., July 26 – 7:30 am
Wed., Aug. 1 – 5:30 pm

Tues., Aug. 7 – 12:00 pm

Register for one of the webinars here.


You can learn more about the OutFront Health platform and discover beneficial Group Health Insurance Rates for your practice by visiting the page here.


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