The Value of Bundled Payments in the Value-Based Healthcare Transformation
By: Steven F. Schutzer, M.D., Physician Executive, Orthopedic Service Line, Trinity Health Of New England
Posted 12.30.2020

At 17.7% of GDP, healthcare costs in the United States hold the dubious distinction of being the most expensive among the 37 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, significantly more than Switzerland (12.3%) and France (11.3%), the second and third highest spenders.  But wait, you say: “you get what you pay for”.  Not so fast.  Read more…

Open Collaboration is Key with Post-Acute Partners During the COVID Crisis
By: Amanda Schutz, LNHA, Regional Manager, Post-Acute Care at SOHO HEALTH
Posted 11.24.2020

Like many hospitals in the region and around the county found, Phase I of the COVID-19 pandemic strained hospitals. They faced surge capacity and the inability to admit or readmit patients to skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Simultaneously, skilled nursing facilities were charged with protecting seniors – the most vulnerable population affected by the virus. Read more…

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Creating Sustainable Change to our Healthcare System
By: Lisa Trumble, SOHO HEALTH President & CEO
Posted 10.12.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed both the best and the worst of our nation’s healthcare system. On the positive side, we saw our healthcare heroes selflessly care for patients at significant personal risk and much well-deserved public appreciation for the service they provide each day.  Alternatively, the pandemic has highlighted the fragility and fragmentation of our current healthcare structure.  Read more…