SOHO HEALTH Providers are Tier 1 Providers for Trinity Health Employees and Dependents

A reminder that SOHO HEALTH providers are considered Tier 1 providers for all Trinity Health employees and their dependents. The use of Tier 1 providers and facilities results in lower copays, deductibles and coinsurance amounts for employees and their dependents. All Trinity Health facilities are considered Tier 1 facilities – this includes all of the hospitals of Trinity Health Of New England and certain facilities such as the Saint Francis GI Endoscopy Center in Windsor.

Other Aetna providers and facilities are considered Tier 2 for Trinity Health employees. While the broader Aetna network can be more cost-effective than out-of-network providers, employees save the most money and get the best care when they use Tier 1 providers and facilities.

Trinity Health Of New England employees are being encouraged to push for the use of Tier 1 providers and facilities and are using the Doc Find feature on the Aetna website to identify those. Please be aware of this when referring employees or their dependents to out of network providers.