SFHCP Provider Dashboard

Saint Francis Healthcare Partners (SFHCP) will be distributing two quality reports this quarter, and is working on a New SFHCP Provider Dashboard to distribute during the next quarter:

  • Quality Metrics Performance Report – this report compares the performance of the individual physician with an SFHCP average and SFHCP best performance on some of the most common quality metrics in our contracts. This report is being distributed by Regional Medical Directors (RMD) at the RMD meetings.
  • Gaps in Care Report – this is a list of patients attributed to a provider which lists the gaps in quality metrics according to paid claims data (e.g. Mammography for breast cancer screening). These reports will be distributed to the PCP offices by their affiliated SFHCP health coach.
    1. Please note that a mammography may have been performed and the patient may still show up on this report as the data may not have been reported to the insurance company due to lag time in claims processing or if patients have switched insurance carriers.

The SFHCP Provider Dashboard is being developed by the Data and Analytics team and will be distributed at the RMD meetings starting next quarter. The dashboard has a wealth of data, including:

  • Top 10 Primary Diagnosis
  • Service Provider Charge Breakdown (e.g. E&M, lab, procedures etc)
  • Brand vs. generic drug rates
  • Top 10 Brand name drugs
  • Network Integrity Performance (i.e. Leakage out of network)
  • Elderly patients on High-Risk Medications

Top 15 Quality Metrics – Gaps in Care

If you have any questions about these reports, please feel free to contact Sudeep Bansal, MD at or at 860-714-5811.

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