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July 2018
June 2018
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July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Important factors to keep in mind while coding Juvenile Arthritis are: the specific type of arthritis (there are 3 subtypes), location, and laterality.  As arthritis is a long-term condition it is important to be aware of your documentation and diagnosis capture with this condition.  Making the distinction between type, location, and laterality is very important as the patient grows. With this code you also need to be sure to report any associated or underlying conditions alongside the original diagnosis code every time its reported on a claim.

For questions and guidance on accurate coding, contact Sarah LaBrec, CPC, Outpatient Coding Education Specialist at or 860.714.6316.

    Examples of Juvenile Arthritis conditions:

Remember to code all chronic conditions accurately at least once per year, from year to year. .

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June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

It is very important to document and code chronic brain (neurological) conditions year after year. These chronic conditions can impact routine care and should be addressed during office visits, even if the reason for the office visit is not specifically for that brain condition.

If this chronic condition directly effects your treatment plan or specific medication you may prescribe, remember to document the relationship between the condition and treatment during the visit and submit the appropriate ICD-10 code. Utilizing the accurate ICD-10 code for these chronic conditions will accurately reflect the acuity level of your patients.

EXAMPLES of chronic brain conditions:

Remember to code these chronic conditions at least once per year. For questions and guidance on accurate coding contact Sarah LaBrec, CPC, Outpatient Coding Education Specialist
at or 860-714-6316

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May is National Neuropathy Awareness Month

When coding neuropathy, it’s important to use the most specific code(s) to identify any underlying cause or condition that is a direct result of the neuropathy you’re treating. This will alert other providers treating the patient, as well as the insurance carrier, of related conditions that may impact the patient’s current care.

EXAMPLES of common causes of neuropathy and appropriate coding:

Specific codes validate severity of illness. Unspecified codes do not.

For more information on HCC coding please contact

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