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About the OPTUM HQPAF Program

The Healthcare Quality Patient Assessment Form (HQPAF) program promotes early detection and ongoing assessment of chronic conditions for our clients’ Medicare Advantage members. The goal of the HQPAF program is to help ensure that these patients receive a complete and comprehensive annual assessment.

The OPTUM HQPAF Program has four components

  • Early Detection
  • Preventative Medicine Screening
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Managing Chronic Illness(es)

***The OPTUM HQPAF Program is an optional program each year providers are invited to enroll they have the option to opt-in to the program annually.***

**All documentation is submitted via secure web interface thus reducing the need for paper chart requests from Providers using EMRs. **

Additional Information about OPTUM HQPAF

Since 2013 SOHO HEALTH has utilized the OPTUM HQPAF online interface to submit a clinical documentation for Risk adjustment and reconciliation of Care gaps for members of several health plans.

**The Optum HQPAF Quality Program has historically included the following Health Plans:

  • Connecticare- Medicare Advantage
  • Aetna-Medicare Advantage
  • United-Medicare Advantage
  • Wellpoint- Medicare Advantage