Phase III of the Practice Performance Dashboard Has Been Released




If you are a primary care practice, you should be receiving the latest version of the practice performance dashboard. Working from feedback of a focus group of practice managers, billers, and coding staff, we’ve made some enhancements to the dashboard and to the detail reports.

To access a presentation and slide deck on the enhancements to the dashboard, click on the following link:

Some highlights of the new reports include:

  • The ability to view detail or access a print-ready version of both the AWV and Quality Measures dashboard. Detail reports now feature additional fields to help you sort and use your reports including MRN and subscriber ID as well as next visit date and next visit appointment type.
  • The AWV detail report now includes a Weighted HCC Risk Score column. This allows you to sort your AWV detail report by highest risk. We encourage you to schedule AWV or comprehensive physical visits for those patients with the highest risk to ensure that they’re receiving the appropriate screening and tests for their care as well as to ensure that their conditions are accurately and appropriately documented and coded.

In addition, this month, we’re debuting the Pre-Visit Planning Form (PVPF). The purpose of the PVPF is to give primary care offices a tool to manage all of the details from the dashboard at a patient level for Medicare/Medicare Advantage patients that are scheduled AWVs or appointments longer than 30 minutes.

Practices will receive PVPFs (one for each scheduled patient) each week for appointments scheduled two weeks out. This will give practices enough time to prep the work necessary for each appointment.

The form lists open gaps in care and previously coded HCCs that should be addressed in the visit.