Why Choose SOHO HEALTH as Your Complete Healthcare Partner?

As an Employer, you face significant, ongoing challenges in offering comprehensive, cost-effective healthcare solutions for your employees every day. By partnering with SOHO HEALTH you will realize numerous benefits.

Our overall success in meeting Employer needs centers around a few important themes that will directly benefit you and your employees:

  • Focus on Overall Employee Population Health
    • We are “closer to the Employee” and family than most alternative health plans;
    • We start with a Health Risk Assessment that provides a roadmap of every employee’s health status and needs;
    • Primary Care Physician drive member’s needs with an emphasis on preventive care;
    • Coordinated clinical services across the spectrum to support their needs leading to improved satisfaction, wellbeing and health outcomes;
    • Extensive resources to engage employees “where they live” including webinars, health screenings, technology solutions, etc.
    • Condition-specific opportunities for employee participation including Weight Management, Tobacco Cessation, etc.
  • Emphasis on Managing Total Cost of Care
    • Concentration on the entire universe of cost to your employees including benefit design, provider choices and alternatives for care;
    • Clinical emphasis on being closer to the patient through efficient processes, evidence-based care guidelines, and frequent engagement
    • Full picture of available health care expenses including Pharmacy, etc.
  • Regionally Integrated Network of Providers
    • Centrally operated, managed network of hospitals, primary and specialty care physicians and other advanced practice practitioners;
    • High-performance network offering streamlined communication and care coordination;
    • Value-based structure and contracts emphasize lower cost, high degree of quality and measurable outcomes.
  • Ongoing action-oriented communication with Employer
    • Data-driven process emphasizes metrics/dashboards of Employer specific clinical and operational results;
    • Highlights areas of opportunity and enhancement for Employees;

For more information and to discuss how SOHO HEALTH might benefit your organization please contact Harrison Best at Harrison.Best@sfhcp.org.