Who is eligible? May 02, 2018

Only Medicare patients attributed to the Saint Francis Healthcare Partners ACO are eligible. Eligible patients are identified in Epic under Registries as “ACO MSSP Registry.” Non-Epic providers should contact us via email or phone.

All waiver utilizations must be verified by SFHCP. To confirm eligibility simply email your inquiry to to SNFwaiver@TrinityHealthOfNE.org or contact us via phone at (860) 714-1556. Please do not send unsecured PHI to the email address. Send an email identifying a contact person at your practice, we will call your office and verify eligibility over the phone. We will only accept community waiver admission requests Monday through Friday 8AM-2PM. This allows us time to complete the required paperwork and connect with your office during business hours. The waiver will not be used on weekends or holidays.

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