How do I use the waiver? May 02, 2018

Once the SFHCP Waiver Coordinator has confirmed the patient’s eligibility and the SNFs qualified to receive patients under the waiver program we will need the following in order to facilitate an SNF admission:

  • Confirmation that patient has been seen by an ACO provider within 72 hours prior to SNF admission
  • Provider to determine that SNF Level of Care is appropriate and identify the patient’s skilled need
  • Copy of most recent progress note and current med list to be sent to SFHCP
  • Provider to sign the W-10. SFHCP Waiver Coordinator will complete the majority of the document and send to your office. You will need to identify the Primary Diagnosis and the Skilled Need. Once complete please sign the form and fax to 860-714-8106.
  • PASSR- SFHCP Waiver Coordinator will complete the PASSR. If approved as Level 1, we may proceed with admission. If Level 2 is required, patient may need to be seen in the ED prior to SNF admission. If this is the case the Waiver Coordinator will arrange for the patient to come into the ED.
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