COVID-19 Patient Resources

Test Us First:

Hotlines/Community Assistance:

The Trinity Health Of New England hotline is open daily from 8AM – 8PM to answer your questions related to COVID-19.

Catherine is a COVID-19 Assessment Tool offered by Trinity Health Of New England to assist individuals in assessing their symptoms but who are not facing an urgent health emergency. Click here to access Catherine.

The State of Connecticut COVID-19 hotline can be reached at 860-754-8342. Email your COVID-19 related questions to

Trinity Health Of New England Hospitals Reopening

Trinity Health Of New England has started to reopen its hospitals for elective surgeries and other procedures. Many precautions are implemented to ensure patient safety. View the video  to learn more.

Ways to Protect & Care for Yourself:

Insurance Information:

Personal Protective Equipment:

Trinity Health Of New England is accepting donations of personal protective equipment, including homemade surgical-style masks. Learn more here.

The Power of Social Distancing

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