August Provider Education Wraps Up

Saint Francis Healthcare Partners (SFHCP) finished its second Provider Education on Population Health Management at the CIPCI Collaborative Theatre on August 31st. The education session was part of this year’s Provider Incentive and Distribution Eligibility Program for 2017.

The seminar provided an overview on Population Health Management and how it relates to the evolving healthcare landscape and what the Initiatives at SFHCP are and what we are doing to help our members and their patients.

For more information regarding the Population Health program at SFHCP you can contact Adam Silverman, MD, Vice President, Population Health at or Khadija Poitras-Rhea, LCSW, Executive Director, Care Coordination & Population Health Management at

Our next Provider Education Series on Contracting is scheduled for October 17 and October 26. The sessions will count toward points towards both incentive programs. If you have any questions regarding the new incentivized programs from SFHCP, please contact Ronald Kimmel, MD at If you would like a complete list of all SFHCP Events, please click here.

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