2018 Provider Educations Kickoff

Saint Francis Healthcare Partners (SFHCP) finished the first Provider Education series on Thursday, February 22nd at the CIPCI Collaborative Theatre.  Ronald Kimmel, MD presented on MSSP Track 1 +.

The presentation educated our members on an overview of the new program that incurs financial risk and rewards and how this program is compared to the previous MSSP ACO Track 1.

Physicians at this event had a chance to earn credit under the All-Provider Education category ion both the Distribution Eligibility and ACO PCP Incentive programs.

If you have any more questions regarding the Education Session for MSSP Track 1 + and the SNF 3-Day Waiver Rule, please contact Dr. Kimmel at You can also view the presentation on our Member Portal.

The next Provider Education Series will take place on Tuesday, April 24 at 6 pm at the CIPCI Collaborative Theatre, a webinar will also be available.  To register or to find out more on our upcoming events or to register, visit our events page.

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