2017 Annual Wellness Visits

SFHCP is delivering lists of attributed Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients to all of our PCPs in the network. These lists are designated for Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs). The AWV is an important clinical visit for our Medicare patients as various health screenings and preventative care measures are reviewed. It also allows for the review and documentation of outstanding HCC codes appropriate for your patients’ severity of illness.

Performance of AWVs is a quality metric in a few of our Medicare Advantage contracts and the screening measures/preventative care items impact many different quality metrics. Medicare Advantage patients may receive an AWV at any time each calendar year. For traditional Medicare patients, the AWV must be performed at least 11 months after the last AWV.

If you would like assistance in completing the AWVs in your office, please contact, Business Intelligence Analyst & SFHCP Quality Trainer, Christie Riggins (, Sudeep Bansal, MD (, or Ron Kimmel, MD (

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